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Narayana Super Speciality Hospitals Health Care

Narayana SUPER SPECIALITY HOSPITAL is a Technology based Multi-Super Speciality Hospital is centraly located in 18th Cross, Malleswaram, Bengaluru. Narayana Hospital is catering for head-to-toe health requirements of the human body & Mind. Narayana Hospital is equipped with world standard equipments and imaging specialties to cover all speciality and super specialty facilities and services. Narayana Hospital believes in pin-point diagnosis and treatment, early recovery and less hospital stay.
Narayana Super Speciality Hospitals Health Care
Narayana Super Speciality Hospitals Health Care

Our Vision
Our vision is to provide quality health care access to all segments of population irrespective of sex, age and prosperity, and protecting human lives by providing a comprehensive health shield for reducing suffering from diseases and ill health. Improving the quality and dignity of life by providing a health care that aims at physical, mental and social well being of human beings has been our dream for many years now. The result of this dream is Narayana SUPER SPECIALTY HOSPITAL. Narayana Health Care's vision is to percolate to all segments of the population and to be easily accessible to the needy patients at all hours of the day. It aims at protecting, reducing suffering and improving quality and dignity of human lives.

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Health and education are integral for human development. Our Mission, is to provide true health education and advanced medical facilities to the needy patients of the society and support their physical, mental and social well being.

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Our CEO & MD
Born in a middle-class family of peasants in rural Karnataka on July 20, 1970, Dr. Narayana Swamy had early education in a village school (Kolar District) located far from at a distance of 8 KMs. The village had very modest primary healthcare facilities. Going to school meant an arduous trek through the fields.
Dr. Narayana Swamy graduated in medicine from Bangalore Medical College& Research Institute proceeded to obtain post graduation (MD) in obstetrics and gynaecology from same college. He later obtained fellowship in laparoscopic surgery. He completed the US medical license and he has vast experience in providing healthcare to patients in India and overseas.
He took over Leela Hospital, Malleswaram and established it as a leading maternity hospital. then spearheaded the establishment of 150Bed Narayana Super Specialty Hospital, in Malleswaram with state of the art medical facility from concept to commissioning and its brand as a sophisticated healthcare provider.
The concept of providing integrated care in Gynaecology, Obstetrics, Andrology, Infertility and Paediatrics under a single roof found expression in establishment of Narayana Super Specialty Hospital. He has carried out over 10000 laparoscopic surgeries free of cost to the patients in rural areas in addition to conducting general health camps for the needy.
Among the surgeries, notable was the one carried out on a 40 years old patient removing a massive fibroid weighing 10 Kgs, which was hailed as the rarest case in medical history and was widely published in mainline newspapers.
He has donated generously for the education of children from weaker sections of society enabling them to pursue knowledge in their chosen fields of endeavour.
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