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Our birth centre is always open and gives women the choice of having their baby in a more homely environment whilst still benefiting from back-up support from our specialist hospital if required

The rooms in the birth centre have hammocks, mood lighting and plenty of space for mums-to-be to move around.

The majority of pregnancies is uncomplicated and results in the birth of a normal healthy baby. However some pregnancies require additional care for either the mother or her unborn baby (fetus) from our specialist Fetal Medicine Centre.

Labor analgesia (painless labor), enables the mother to avoid pain experienced during delivery and participate in the birthing experience. Many expectant mothers choosing caesarian delivery to avoid pain have been converted in our hospital to opt for Labor analgesia.

Early Pregnancy and Ultrasound services are provided by Ultra Sonographers. Three different types of ultrasound services are offered: Early Pregnancy, Second Trimester, and a 4D Ultrasound scan which enables you to get a much clearer view of your baby in "real time". The 4D Ultrasound scan allows you to see.

Clearly your baby's movements at that time, and get a detailed view of his / her features.

The services offered are:

Prenatal care and delivery, out-patient postnatal care, gynecology and education about childbirth
Medical care for high risk pregnancies
Antenatal clinic and outpatient telephone advice
A structured antenatal education program
Access to experienced and qualified lactation consultants
Early discharge; and a visiting midwifery service
Acute pain service
Physiotherapy for back, pelvic or leg pain in pregnancy